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4 Steps to Design the Perfect Label for Custom Lip Balm

June 2nd, 2018 By CustomLipBalmStore


If you are going to invest in custom lip balm for a marketing campaign or upcoming event, then it makes sense that you should take the time that is necessary to design the perfect label. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience with graphic design. Our team offers label designing services, and we can walk you through every step that is needed to create the perfect lip balm for your needs.

Here are three important steps that need to be addressed during the design process:

Step #1: Identify a Goal

Why are you ordering customized chapstick? The purpose of these promotional products will impact the label design. For example, lip balm for an expo or fair will be designed differently compared to lip balm that will be handed out to employees. Determine the way the products will be used so that you can incorporate the right information to ensure your success with the campaign.

Step #2: Create a Foundation Based on Your Brand

The lip balm label can work as a small billboard to strengthen the brand of your company. Talk to the designer about the colors that should be used. Also, provide a logo that can be added to the label. These colors and design features will be the foundation to begin the overall layout of the label. Then, we can add extra information as needed to support your goals.

Step #3: Include Relevant Information

When the lip balm is used for an event or expo, then it makes sense to include your contact information and any other relevant information. You might add a small snippet about products or services that are available. Or, look for ways to incorporate a tagline or call to action, helping people to feel motivated to reach out to your company in the future.

Step #4: Double Check the Information

Even if everything looks good, it is important that you double-check and triple-check all of the information that is printed on the label. It can be frustrating to order personalized products, only to find that there was a typo in the phone number or website. Look at the design carefully and ask 2 or 3 other people in the company to check the details as well.

Our staff at Custom Lip Balm Store is here to help with the personalized design for your label. If you are shopping for custom chapstick, then you need to contact us right away to learn about the products that are offered. Your satisfaction is our highest goal!

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