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The Best Valentines Gifts: Custom Lip Balm

January 14th, 2018 By CustomLipBalmStore


Valentine’s Day is a month away. Are you ready with cards for your children to pass out to friends and schoolmates? Or, small gifts can be a great way to show friends and family that you care.

Often, people choose candy or sweet treats to include with the Valentine’s card. But, instead of handing out more sugar, why not give something that will be healthy and useful?

Custom lip balm is a great solution for those Valentine’s cards. These products are fun, making it easy to gift something that everyone will love. People receive so many sweet treats during this time of year, that they are glad to have something that isn’t made with sugar.

Designing a Valentine’s Themed Label

If you want to hand out Valentines Chapstick, then you can talk to our team about designing the perfect label. Start this process right away to make sure that your order is ready for the upcoming holiday!

The label design can be focused on the Valentine’s theme, with red and pink colors and clipart to match. You might include a “Happy Valentine’s Day” message, as well as your name. Or, you can include your company name and contact information if you are using it for employees, clients, or potential customers.

Valentine’s Chapstick for Business Events

For example, if you will be attending an expo or job fair the week of Valentine’s Day, then Valentine’s themed lip balm can be a great promotional product to hand out. You will have the opportunity to talk to potential job applicants or customers, and they will be grateful for the gift that they receive when visiting your booth.

Later, the person will reach into their pocket for Chapstick and find your branded label. The recognition will help them remember your logo, increasing the likelihood that they will interact with your company again in the future. This process can lead to future sales.

Custom Chapstick for Any Holiday

Whether you are preparing for Valentine’s Day or you are thinking about future holidays, we are here to help with branded labels for anything that you need. We can design Chapstick labels in any way that you imagine, giving you the opportunity to use these promotional products in many ways.

For more information, talk to our experienced team here at Custom Lip Balm Store. We offer custom lip balm and other products that can be personalized. You can Contact us anytime to submit your order.

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