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Custom Lip Balm is a Great Easter Gift

March 31st, 2017 By CustomLipBalmStore


Whether you are planning a big Easter egg hunt or you are looking for small gifts to pass out to friends and family, custom lip balm can be a great solution for the upcoming holiday. Many parents love planning the Easter activities, but they don’t like the amount of candy and sugar that comes with the celebration.

You can add a few pieces of chocolate in your kid’s eggs, but also consider using small toys and gifts. Customized chapstick is the perfect size to fit in the larger eggs, offering a practical way to decrease the sugar consumption.

Designing an Easter Lip Balm Label

Instead of buying generic chapstick at the local store, consider the advantages of a custom Easter-themed lip balm label. You can pick the colors and the designs, giving you full creative control over the final product.

What should you include on the label design? Anything that you desire! You might use small bunnies, chicks, and eggs to create an Easter theme. Consider putting a greeting, such as “Happy Easter.” Another option is to include the date so that everyone can remember the fun experience.

Easter Lip Balm for Church or Business Events

Easter lip balm labels are a great solution if you are planning a church activity or a business event. If you want an affordable way to send your Easter greetings, then you might consider chapstick instead of candy.

On the label, make sure to include information about your company or your congregation. This contact information can be a great way to increase the likelihood that you will maintain a relationship with that person in the future. You might add your company branding as well, to promote some of the products that you offer.

Custom Solutions for Your Party

It is a fun experience to design the perfect lip balm label for your upcoming party, event, or holiday gathering. Make sure that you order your lip balm as soon as possible, to ensure that you have the products in time to pass out at the event. If you need help with the label design, then feel free to contact us anytime for more information.

Do you love the idea of handing out custom lip balm instead of candy for the Easter season? Then you need to talk to us at Custom Lip Balm Store. We will help you select the right products to match your needs. Feel free to contact us for details about the custom lip balm that is available.

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