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Custom Lip Balm is a Great Sugar-Free Treat for Halloween

October 13th, 2017 By CustomLipBalmStore


Halloween is a fun time of year for families who enjoy dressing up and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Many people are preparing right now with bowls of candy and treats to pass out to visitors on Halloween night. You also might be planning for other parties, such as work, church, or school events. This holiday is a great time to get together with friends and family and have a party.

Skip the Candy for Halloween

One drawback to Halloween is that parents often feel concerned about the amount of sugar handed out to the kids. Are you worried about the endless source of candy and sweet treats?

Not only does candy contribute to hyperactivity and other behavioral problems, but it has also been linked to multiple health problems: blood sugar fluctuations, diabetes, tooth decay, and more.

If you want to support the health of your children and the other kids in the neighborhood, then you should consider the advantage of passing out non-candy treats for Halloween. Some parents choose small toys or stickers. Another option is custom lip balm.

Designing Custom Lip Balm with Halloween Labels

The advantage of customized chapstick is that you can design the label to match the holiday. You might choose an orange label with fun Halloween graphics: pumpkins, black hats, witches hats, and more. You can even include a “Happy Halloween” message on the label.

This gift is fun for people of all ages, and practical at the same time. Even if you want to offer candy, you might have the custom chapstick available as a backup option for children with food allergies. Custom chapstick can also be used as small gifts for parents who are chaperoning their kids around the neighborhood.

If you want to use personalized chapstick for your Halloween treats, then it is essential that you submit your order right away. Choose a reputable company to make sure that you receive the chapstick before Halloween day.

Do you love the idea of handing out a sugar-free treat for Halloween? Talk to our experienced team about designed a custom chapstick label for the holiday. Here at Custom Lip Balm Store, we love putting together personalized products for the holidays. Our team is always here to answer your questions and help with anything that you need. Contact us to learn about the products that we offer and the personalization options that are available for your order.

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