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Show School Pride with Personalized Chapstick

June 30th, 2018 By CustomLipBalmStore


Summer break is here, and many people are enjoying the change in pace while school is out of session. But, if you work for a university or public school, then you might be thinking about preparations that need to happen for the upcoming year. Right now is the time to get started so that you are ready for the 2018 – 2019 year.

Whether you are planning back-to-school gifts for the teachers or you want to hand something out to students, you might consider the option to order personalized chapstick. These products are a great option for registration gifts, back-to-school parties, or any other events where you want to show school pride.

Design Ideas for School-Themed Custom Lip Balm

As you are choosing the design for the label, consider the features that will make the label stand out. Select the hues that match your school colors, and don’t forget to add the name and logo of the school as well. When someone has the lip balm in hand, the label makes it obvious that they are sporting school colors.

You can also include the school mascot or any other details that are relevant for your needs. Consider adding the contact information for the registrations office. Or, design custom chapstick for individual departments so that students can easily get in contact with their advisors.

Chapstick that Lasts Throughout the Year

These promotional gifts might seem small, but everyone needs a good tube of lip balm for their school backpack. So, personalized Chapstick is a great solution if you want to strengthen the school brand throughout the year. A good tube of lip balm will last until the school year is over.

Ordering in bulk means that you will have access to affordable prices and quality products. Start the process right now so that you have time to work through the label design and still have extra time before the school year starts. We offer design services and fast manufacturing times, ensuring that there aren’t any delays with your order.

If you are interested in learning more about personalized chapstick with your school colors, then you should contact our experienced team here at Custom Lip Balm Store. We offer everything that you need for quality, custom lip balm orders. Also, view some of the other promotional products that are available from our company. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the various products and services that are offered.

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