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Custom Lip Balm – a Tradeshow Essential

Custom lip balm can be an essential and effective promotional item for tradeshows and other marketing events. Featuring your company logo or graphics, it’s a great way to keep your name in front of potential clients.

Custom lip balm combines practicality, cost-effectiveness, and visibility, making it an essential and successful promotional item for tradeshows. By offering a product that attendees will appreciate and use, you can create a positive association with your brand and increase the likelihood of building lasting business relationships.


Why custom lip balm is ideal for Tradeshows



Lip balm is a useful product that many people use regularly to keep their lips moisturized and protected. Attendees at tradeshows often appreciate receiving practical items they can use immediately, making custom lip balm a valuable giveaway.



Lip balm is a small, portable item that recipients can easily carry in their pockets, purses, or bags. This means your brand logo and message will be constantly visible whenever they use the lip balm, keeping your company fresh in their minds.


High Demand

Tradeshows are typically crowded events, and attendees may forget to bring their own lip balm. Providing them with custom lip balm creates an opportunity to address their immediate needs and leaves a positive impression of your brand.



You can design the lip balm packaging with your company’s logo, colors, and message, making it a personalized item that represents your brand accurately. This level of customization enhances brand recognition and helps potential customers associate the positive experience with your business. Lip balm allows for various customization options, including different flavors, scents, and formulations, which can be tailored to the preferences of your target audience.



Custom lip balm can be produced in bulk at a relatively low cost compared to other promotional items. This affordability allows you to distribute them generously among trade show attendees, maximizing your brand’s exposure.


Easy Distribution

Lip balm is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and distribute during the event. Attendees can easily slip it into their bags, and you can keep a supply at your booth or give them away during networking opportunities.


Long-lasting Impact

Unlike some traditional promotional materials that may get lost or discarded after the event, lip balm has a longer shelf life, ensuring your brand stays in front of potential customers for an extended period.



Lip balm is a unisex product suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds, making it an inclusive giveaway that appeals to a broad audience.


Brand Awareness

Distributing custom lip balm with your logo and brand information can help raise awareness about your company among a large number of attendees. As people use the lip balm, they might talk about your brand with others, further spreading the word.


Engagement and Interaction

Offering custom lip balm at your booth can attract attendees and initiate conversations. It serves as an icebreaker and opens the door to engage in discussions about your products or services.


Memorable Giveaway

While many companies give away brochures or business cards at tradeshows, custom lip balm stands out as a unique and memorable giveaway item. It creates a positive impression and increases the chances that potential customers will remember your brand long after the event.


Health and Wellness Association

By providing lip balm, you subtly associate your brand with health and wellness. This can be particularly advantageous if your products or services align with a healthy lifestyle or self-care.



Custom lip balm can be part of a broader marketing strategy. You can combine it with other products or promotional materials to create gift sets, which encourages attendees to spend more time at your booth, learning about your offerings.



Lip balm containers are often refillable or reusable, meaning that even after the original product is used up, the recipient might continue using the container, further extending your brand’s exposure.


Eco-Friendly Options

You can choose eco-friendly and sustainable lip balm options to align with the growing environmental consciousness of consumers. This shows that your company cares about the planet and its impact on the environment.


Follow-Up Opportunities

By handing out custom lip balm, you can collect contact information or scan attendees’ badges, providing an opportunity for post-event follow-up and nurturing leads.


Partner and Sponsor Involvement

If you have partners or sponsors for the event, custom lip balm can be co-branded, showcasing a collaborative effort and strengthening relationships with other businesses.

Remember that while custom lip balm can be a powerful promotional tool, it’s essential to pair it with engaging and friendly interactions at your booth. Make sure your booth staff are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your products or services to leave a lasting positive impression on potential customers.

Our All Natural Beeswax Lip Balm with FREE Display Tub in a Full Color Imprint is ideal for tradeshows, marketing events, or to keep on hand at a reception desk. Customized with your full-color graphics, it’s a great way to keep your name out there.

Promotional Lip Balm Makes a Great Giveaway for Dentists

Lip balm is a practical and useful item for people of all ages. It helps keep lips moisturized and protected from dryness and chapping. This is especially important during the hotter and colder months, as well as dry climates. Since dentists work with patients who may spend extended periods with their mouths open during dental procedures, their lips may become dry or chapped. Providing a lip balm can offer immediate relief and comfort during and after dental visits. Handing out promotional lip balm featuring your practice name or logo is a great way to remind patients to take care of their teeth and mouth.


The Benefits of Giving Patients a Promotional Lip Balm

Lip balm is a simple yet effective giveaway that can create a positive impact on patients and help dentists foster a stronger connection with their clientele.


Branding and Recall:

Giving away promotional lip balm with the dentist’s branding, logo, or contact information on the packaging can act as a constant reminder for patients. Every time they use the lip balm, they will see the dentist’s name, which can lead to increased brand recall and potentially more referrals.


Positive Association:

By providing a small gift like lip balm, dentists create a positive association with their practice in the minds of their patients. This simple act of generosity can enhance the patient experience, making them more likely to remember the dentist’s office with fondness.


Low Cost and High Impact:

Custom lip balm is an inexpensive promotional item, making it a cost-effective giveaway for dentists, especially if they want to distribute it to a large number of patients. Despite its low cost, it can have a significant impact on patient satisfaction and retention.


Suitable for All Ages:

Lip balm is used by people of all ages, from children to seniors. This makes it a versatile giveaway that can be offered to all patients, regardless of their age or specific dental needs.


Hygiene Considerations:

Lip balm is a single-use product, which means that patients can take it home after the visit, reducing the risk of cross-contamination that might occur with reusable dental promotional items.


Encourages Regular Use:

When patients receive lip balm from their dentist, they are likely to use it frequently. This means they will be reminded of their dentist’s office each time they use it, reinforcing the relationship and possibly encouraging regular dental check-ups.


Promotes Oral Health Consciousness:

Lip balm can serve as a reminder to patients to take care of their oral health. When they apply lip balm, they will think about their dental health and be encouraged to maintain good oral hygiene habits.


Positive Patient Experience:

Dental visits can sometimes be associated with anxiety or discomfort. Offering a lip balm can help ease patients’ nerves and create a more positive overall experience. This will foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the dental practice.

A great choice would be one of our best-selling lip balms – such as our ColorStik Lip Balm  with a Full Color Imprint. This tinted lip balm comes in 13 great flavor/tint combinations, and is made in the USA and FDA approved.

Custom Colorstik Lip Balm with Full Color Imprint

Promotional Lip Balm is Ideal for Tradeshows and Marketing Events


Versatility in Branding:

Lip balm tubes and containers offer a decent amount of space for branding and customization. Dentists can print their logo, tagline, or a dental health message reinforcing their commitment to oral care and hygiene.


Quick Distribution:

Lip balm is small and easy-to-carry, making it convenient for dentists to distribute to patients during or after their appointments. It doesn’t require any special handling or storage, making it hassle-free for the dental office.


Great for Seasonal Promotions:

Lip balm is especially useful during the colder months when people are more prone to dry and chapped lips. Dentists can plan seasonal promotions offering specially branded lip balms to attract more patients and generate interest in the practice.


Suitable for Various Dental Events:

Whether it’s an open house, community event, dental awareness campaign, or charity drive, lip balm makes an excellent promotional item. Lip Balms universal appeal ensures it will be well-received by attendees of all ages.


Positive Word-of-Mouth:

Happy and satisfied patients are more likely to share their positive experiences with others. This word-of-mouth marketing can bring in new patients and enhance the dentist’s reputation within the community.


Personalized Touch:

Dentists can choose from a wide range of lip balm flavors and types to suit their patients’ preferences. Offering a variety of options can add a personalized touch to the giveaway, making patients feel valued and cared for.


Custom lip balm offers a multitude of benefits as a promotional giveaway for dentists. Cost-effective, practical, and versatile, it can enhance patient satisfaction, reinforce brand recognition, and foster a positive association with dental practices.

Find your perfect promotional lip balm at customlipbalmstore.com!

Custom SPF Lip Balm – A Summer Essential for Promotions

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature and the warmer weather. When you are spending time with family and friends at the beach, working in your garden, or just hanging out by the pool, a custom SPF lip balm is a must to protect your lips from the harsh rays of the sun. 

Custom lip balm is a great way to promote any brand or marketing event, and puts your name front and center of the user. Each time they apply your lip balm, they will be reminded of your company and the services you offer, as well as your thoughtfulness in a promotional gift.

Benefits of Promotional SPF Lip Balm

During the summer, the sun’s rays are stronger and can be more damaging to the delicate skin on our lips. Promotional lip balms containing SPF (Sun Protection Factor) shield lips from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Applying lip balm with SPF helps prevent sunburn and sun damage, and reduces the risk of developing lip cancer.


Outdoor Activities:

Activities such as hiking, swimming, and sports expose your lips to harsh elements like wind, dust, and chlorine from pools. Lip balm acts as a barrier, preventing these external factors from drying out or damaging your lips.



Combined factors like air conditioning, sun exposure, and swimming, can cause the lips to become dry, chapped, and dehydrated. Lip balms are designed to moisturize and nourish the lips, providing hydration and preventing them from becoming dry and cracked.


Soothing and Healing:

If you’ve spent time in the sun without protection, your lips may become irritated, inflamed, or sunburned. Lip balms often contain ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, shea butter, or natural oils that have soothing and healing properties. These ingredients can help repair damaged lips and alleviate discomfort caused by sunburn or dryness.

Lip balm is a summer staple because it helps protect, moisturize, soothe, and heal your lips, keeping them healthy and comfortable in the sun and heat. Below are more reasons you should use lip balm year-round, not just during the summer months.


Custom SPF Lip Balm is Convenient and Versatile



Custom Lip balm is small and portable, making it easy to carry around so it can be used anywhere, which means your clients will be reminded of your brand everywhere they go. You can keep one in your pocket, purse, or bag, and quickly apply it whenever your lips feel dry or need protection. It’s a convenient way to maintain lip care throughout the day, especially when you’re outdoors and exposed to the elements.



Lip balm can serve multiple purposes beyond simple moisturization. Some lip balms offer tinted options, adding a touch of color to your lips while providing protection. Additionally, certain lip balms are infused with refreshing flavors or scents, enhancing your summer experience with a pleasant aroma.


Lip Care for All Ages:

Lip balm is suitable for people of all ages, from children to the elderly. It’s a versatile product that can be used by the entire family to maintain lip health and prevent dryness or discomfort during any season.


Other Uses for Lip Balm


Enhanced Appearance:

Lip balm can improve the appearance of your lips, giving them a healthy and polished look. It can provide a subtle shine, smooth out any flakiness, and make your lips appear softer and plumper. This can be particularly beneficial when you want to achieve a natural, fresh look.


Prevents Lipstick Fading:

For those who enjoy wearing lipstick or lip stains, applying a lip balm as a base can help prevent the color from fading or bleeding and provides a smooth surface for lipstick application, ensuring it stays in place and maintains its vibrancy throughout the day.


Self-Care and Pampering:

Taking care of your lips can be a small act of self-care and pampering during the summer months. Applying lip balm can feel soothing and refreshing, providing a moment of relaxation and indulgence in your daily routine.

Remember, while lip balm is a helpful summer staple, choosing products that contain quality ingredients and provide adequate sun protection is essential. Look for a custom lip balm with SPF, natural moisturizers, and avoid ingredients that may cause irritation or allergies.


Ordering Custom SPF Lip Balm

When promoting a event or business with a custom lip balm, consider our SPF 15 ColorStik Lip Balm with a One Color Imprint or Full Color Imprint. Not only is it one of our best-selling lip balms, it’s also our lowest priced custom lip balm containing SPF. It’s available in 13 delicious flavors, each with a coordinating tint. Shop now at the Custom Lip Balm Store for the best prices on the web!

Promotional Lip Balm – A Favorite Among Dentists and Orthodontists

Promoting your dental business is essential for gaining new customers, as well as retaining your current clientele. While they might already be a client, there is always something new on the horizon, and with the right marketing, they might be tempted to try a new practice. The key to any successful business is retaining clients while attracting new ones.

One way to keep your business on the minds of your current clients is to keep custom lip balm on hand to give away after dental procedures to help prevent their lips from getting dry and cracked after a treatment. Not only does this help your customer to heal properly, it gives them a reminder of your business so it is always fresh on their mind.


Making your Mark

Marketing your dental office is not just a great way to obtain new clients. It’s essential, practical, and affordable. Custom lip balm is so inexpensive, you can’t afford not to give it away. Every time a client leaves your office, they are already beginning to forget the experience (let’s hope anyway!).

Giving them a personalized lip balm featuring your logo or custom graphics will not only help restore their lips after the procedure they just had (even if it’s something as simple as a cleaning) but will help keep the name of your practice on their lips – literally! Ordering promotional lip balm in bulk is the most affordable way to be sure you have plenty on hand for every customer, and ensure you don’t run out.


Flavor Variety

Keeping lips smooth and moisturized is great, but when you give someone a lip balm with an unpleasant flavor or a flavor they just don’t like, it won’t be used. Not only do we have a wonderful selection of flavors to choose from, but you can also mix flavors so you get a variety to let customers choose their own. That way, you know it will be used to ensure they think of your practice often.

Custom Packaging

At the Custom Lip Balm Store, we have a section dedicated to custom packaging so you can make a real impact on clients. We have several products that come with a Free Display Tub, so you can keep some at your checkout desk and let people take one as they leave your office.

Another way to promote your practice is with our Dental Tekbooks. These amazing marketing booklets allow you to fully customize a folding booklet providing information about our services, along with a custom lip balm featuring your logo or graphics with a full-color process imprint.

These booklets are imprinted on both sides of the card in a beautiful full-color process, and you can add a coupon, QR code, your website, and contact information, or anything else you deem relevant. We offer a single or double fold so you can choose the best size that meets your needs. They are ideal for mailouts, drop-offs, and event marketing.

See all of our custom lip balm packaging options to see what works best for your practice!


The Favorites

All of our custom lip balms are made in the USA, and while we have a large selection to choose from with prices starting as low as 32¢, these are our best-selling products favored by dentist and orthodontist practices.

ColorStik Lip Balms

One of our best-selling lines, this popular lip balm comes in 13 color/flavor combinations as well as unflavored, and is available in both regular style lip balm or with SPF 15. PABA-free, it is made in the USA and FDA-approved.

The SPF 15 version offers UVA/UVB protection to keep lips healthy and soft. Can’t decide on a flavor? No problem! You can mix and match at 125 pieces per flavor at no additional cost.

    • Blue: Blueberry Cobbler
    • Light Green: Apple Pie, Spearmint
    • Natural: Peppermint Candy Cane, Pina Colada, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Sundae
    • Light Orange: Passion Fruit, Tropical Punch
    • Pink: Bubble Gum
    • Light Pink: Wild Cherry, Strawberry Shortcake
    • Light Red: Pomegranate
    • Natural: Unflavored

Choose from the following products: .

All Natural Beeswax Lip Balm

Made with all natural beeswax, our semi-translucent All Natural Beeswax Lip Balm – One Color Imprints – 24 Flavors starts at 34¢ per piece and is made in the USA, FDA approved, and PABA and Paraben Free. Available in 24 delicious flavors, you can mix and match flavors at 100 pieces per flavor. Choose from the following flavors:

Acai Berry, Apple, Asian Pear, Blackberry, Blueberry, Citrus, Cotton Candy, Double Mint, Grape, Green Tea, Honey, Hot Chocolate Marshmallow, Mango, Maple Cinnamon, Mixed berry, Natural/Unflavored, Peppermint, Piña Colada, Pink Lemonade, Pomegranate, Strawberry Banana, Sugar Cookie, Tropical Punch, or Vanilla.


SPF 15 Lip Balm w/ Vitamin E & Aloe – Full Color Imprint

Another lip balm product favored by Dentists, our SPF 15 Lip Balm w/ Vitamin E & Aloe – Full Color Imprint starts at 46¢ per piece. This popular lip balm offers UVA/UVB protection from the sun, while keeping them moisturized and supple. With a full-color process, choose from a metallic or white decal to showcase your logo. This custom lip balm also offers Dental Themed Stock Design Labels you can add your business name to if you don’t have your own graphics.

Available in 17 flavors and unflavored, you can mix and match flavors at 100 pieces per flavor. Choose from Apple, Bubble Gum, Cherry, Chocolate, Citrus, Coconut, Mint, Natural/Unflavored, Peach, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Root Beer, Spearmint, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vanilla/Watermelon, or Watermelon.

Holiday Gift Giving for Customers and Employees

The holiday season is a great time for businesses to show appreciation to customers and employees for their loyalty. Without either of these groups, your company would not be operational! While you are always looking out for new customers, keeping current ones happy is important. Repeat business is the key to long-lasting success.

And of course, you always want to include your employees. Sales might bring in the money, but happy employees are key to making your business run smoothly and efficiently. When you show employees that you care about and appreciate them, they will be happier in their work which is reflected in their attitude, and the way they treat customers. It’s also important for employee retention – a content employee is a long-term employee.


What makes a great gift?

When choosing branded gifts, whether for customers or employees, think about the quality of the item and the reusability factor. While small trinkets and items are great for promotions throughout the year, holiday gifts should be something that makes them say “wow”!

Studies have shown that when you give a customer a promotional gift, they tend to keep those gifts for 5 years or more! And of course, each time they use your gift they will think of your business, creating a reminder so they will call you when they are once again in the market for your services or products.


Gifts that Last

The best holiday gifts are ones that can be used over and over again. Repeat impressions are key to successful marketing, and that includes branded holiday gifts. Below are a few ideas for promotional gifts that are ideal for both customers and employees.



Custom drinkware makes a great promotional gift and is an easy way to keep your name in front of people throughout the day. The Custom Drinkware Store has a wonderful selection of sports bottles, koozies, glassware, and stainless steel drinkware.

16 Oz. Denali Stainless Steel Thermos – Stainless Steel with a screw-on, spill-resistant lid, and pop-up lid for pouring, this thermos has double-walled construction and is ideal for hot coffee as well as cold beverages like iced tea and water.

20 Oz. Full Color Stainless Steel Himalayan Tumbler with Antimicrobial Additive – featuring built-in antimicrobial properties to prevent germs and bacteria from forming on the cup, this stainless steel tumbler has a 4-color process wrap to create a one-of-a-kind gift that people can immediately associate with your brand.


A custom bag gives the recipient a useful and long-lasting gift with many uses. At The Custom Bag Store, we offer a varied selection of bags to meet every need.

Deluxe Sports Duffel Bag – This handsome duffel bag sports has several pockets and a shoe compartment to hold everything you need for a trip to the gym or weekend getaway, and features a generous size imprint to showcase your logo.

Manhattan Tote Bag – this stylish tote comes with a unique checkered pattern with Black, Blue, or Silver Accents and a Black or Brown pouch. It’s ideal for carrying groceries, work supplies, and books.



A custom umbrella can be used year-round, and it’s one of the few items that you can use to promote your brand that will give your brand a broader reach. Every time someone uses a promotional umbrella with your logo, not only will they think of your company but they are advertising your product to everyone around them each time they use it. Check out our complete line at the Custom Umbrella Store.

46″ Auto Open & Close Reversa Inversion Folding Umbrella – The intelligent design makes it easy to open and close and is designed not only to protect you from rain but also from a rain-soaked umbrella. When not in use, it folds to only 13″ long so that it fits almost anywhere.

46″ Auto Open Reflective Iridescence Umbrella – featuring a generous imprint area, you can promote your brand while offering users a safe way to travel in the rain. This umbrella features a reflective iridescence canopy so others can easily see you when the skies are gray.

A Personal Touch

No matter what gift you decide on this holiday season, you can always add a personal touch to make it even more special. If you are wrapping your gifts, consider adding a Custom Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, or Promotional Pen to the bow so they know just who the gift is from! You can also add a gift tag to these items and attach it to the gift if you decide not to wrap them individually.


Why Marketing with Promotional Giveaways Works

Creating a promotional giveaway with custom-branded products is a wonderful way to gain attention. A promotional giveaway is where a business gives away free products featuring its company logo to customers and potential customers to attract new business and build customer loyalty. It’s a way that allows you to connect with your current customers, and attract the attention of potential new customers.


Promotional Giveaways are Cost-Effective

Promotional giveaways are a low-cost, yet effective way to leave a lasting impression and keep your brand on the minds of your target audience. It’s cheaper and more effective than standard advertising and allows you to connect with your target audience.

Most people keep a promotional gift for an average of one year or longer depending on the product. Something like stainless steel drinkware or an umbrella will last for years, giving you extended exposure.


Creating Brand Recognition

In addition to keeping your name on the minds of your customers, it’s a great way to attract new customers. Others will see your custom product being used, and it will pique their interest and prompt them to reach out to your company to inquire about your business and its services.


Customer Appreciation

Promotional giveaways are ideal for showing your customers how much you appreciate them and their business. When people feel appreciated, it will increase their loyalty to your company. Items that people can use every day, like custom drinkware, is a great way to keep your name front and center so your brand is ever present on their mind.


Promotional Products that Work

While most custom products are a great way to promote your brand, some products do work better than others. Items such as custom bags, drinkware, pens, lip balm, umbrellas, and hand sanitizer are more effective than a one-use gimmick or gad items such as fidget spinners, stress toys, or other items that wear out or break easily.

When considering the kind of promotional product you want to represent your brand, consider long-lasting and useful items. Almost everyone owns a promotional pen or drinkware product. Why? Because they work. For instance, stainless steel drinkware is something that everyone can use, and use often. Drinkware that is versatile and can be used for both hot and cold beverages will give you more exposure than a plastic cup.

You also need to consider your audience. If you are a sports-related brand you might want to use a sports water bottle that can be used during workouts or while playing sports, or even hiking or biking.


The Bottom Line

No matter what type of business you are in, you can benefit from promotional giveaways. Whether you are attending tradeshows, hosting an event, or just looking for a way to show your customers how much you appreciate their business, promotional products are a winning marketing idea.

Promotional products are also a great way to show employee appreciation. And when you give your employees brand merchandise, they will often give it to a friend or family, giving you even more exposure.

The History of Lip Balm

Lip balm was been around for thousands of years! Lip balm was used by Egyptians as far back as 40 BC, including Queen Cleopatra and the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. Made with beeswax, olive oil, honey, and animal fat, these same natural ingredients are still used today.

US History

In the 1800s, a woman named Lydia Maria child wrote a book called The American Frugal Housewife. In her book, she wrote “Those who are troubled with cracked lips have found this earwax remedy successful when others have failed. It is one of those sorts of cures, which are very likely to be laughed at; but I know of its having produced very beneficial results.”

While this was not something most people were keen on trying, in 1859 a 22 year-old British chemist named Robert Chesebrough traveled to Titusville, Pennsylvania, where he learned about a natural, waxy ingredient with visible skin-repairing properties that helped to heal and soothe cuts and burns. Inspired, Chesebrough began working with petroleum and in 1865, Chesebrough created petroleum jelly. In 1870, he introduced a new product called “Wonder Jelly”, which was officially changed to Vaseline® Jelly in 1872.

In 1880, a physician named Charles Brown Fleet created the first lip balm, which later became the well-known brand “ChapStick”.

The 1900s

The 1900s brought about some of the most famous lip balm brands still used today.

    • 1937 – Alfred Woelbing creates Carmex to treat cold sores
    • 1947 – Blistex created a medicated lip balm to not only soothe lips but also contained a numbing agent to relieve pain
    • 1969 – Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 is launched
    • 1973 – Bonne Bell creates the first flavored lip balm known as “Lip Smackers”
    • 1991 – The first beeswax-based lip balm was created by Burt’s Bees, and today remains one of the world’s best-selling lip balms

Lip Balm Today

In 2006, EOS (Evolution of Smooth) founder Jonathan Teller, created an egg-shaped lip balm made with 95% organic ingredients. EOS quickly became a best-selling lip balm with its aromatic and tasty lip balm contained in a colorful egg.

Today, there are numerous lip balm companies and products on the market. The most popular natural ingredients include beeswax, cocoa butter, honey, shea butter, and natural oils including coconut, sunflower, peppermint, or canola.

The Benefits of Using Lip Balm

The benefits of using lip balm daily are many. Not just for winter, lip balm is a great product to use every day. It moisturizes, protects, and hydrates, keeping lips soft and supple while providing protection against wind and dry air. It soothes and heals already dry and cracked lips while helping prevent them from getting chapped again. Lip balm is ideal for use at night and helps protect new skin cells while you sleep. It also provides a smooth base and helps lipstick last longer when used as a primer. 

Lip balms containing SPF are a necessity for protection from the sun, providing protection from UVA and UVB rays, and helping prevent sunburn and sun damage, and even cancer. Lip balm also helps prevent aging and reduce wrinkles around the lips.

The popularity of lip balm today is ever-growing. There are many brands, with a myriad of flavors and styles, guaranteeing that there is a lip balm for everyone!

Lip balm is also an effective and affordable way to promote any business or promotional event. Visit the Custom Lip Balm Store today to get started!

How to Create an Awesome Swag Bag for Promotional Giveaways

When planning promotional events, swag bags are a great idea for any business. They not only provide guests with a goodie bag (which everyone loves!), but it’s a wonderful way to promote your brand and keep your name on the minds of customers and potential customers.

Creating a swag bag guests will love isn’t hard. Just make sure you have items that people can use more than once. Don’t waste your money on a one-use gimmick or fad items that will just end up in the trash before they even leave your event.

Start with a custom tote bag, like our Non-Woven Promotional Tote Bag. Pricing starts at 96¢, with an imprint area of 10″ W x 10″ H to showcase your company logo or event theme graphics. It comes in a variety of colors so you can match or complement your theme colors. We have a great selection of tote bags, paper, and plastic bags, and more with prices ranging from 43¢ to $25.00 per piece so you can find the right size and style of bag to hold your swag.

Include useful items that will remind people daily of your company. Small and compact items from our Custom Cleaning Cloth, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Drinkware, or Pen stores are inexpensive and easy to fit into any size bag. Below are some of our best-selling items from these stores.

Custom Cleaning Cloths

Staring at 57¢, CC-1000HP is a Value Microfiber Cloth in a Printed Pouch that includes a one-color imprint directly on the pouch for an inexpensive gift. Measuring only 4” W x 2-1/4” H, this pouch is easy to carry to easily clean phones, glasses, and more.

Another popular product is CC-2000LP – our 6″ x 6″ Microfiber Cloth with a Zig-Zag Edge that comes with full color, edge-to-edge imprint to make your graphics come alive. Pricing starts at only 65¢ per piece and makes a great and useful giveaway.

Personalized Lip Balm

Our best-selling lip balm, LB-7000TW – is an SPF 15 Lip Balm w/ Vitamin E & Aloe – includes a Full-Color Imprint starting at just 46¢ per piece and comes in 18 delicious flavors.

Another great option is LB-7005TW, an All Natural Beeswax Lip Balm with a Full Color Imprint . Available in 24 flavors, pricing starts at just 39¢ per piece.

You can even opt for several flavors in quantities of 100 by using the coupon code FLAVOR on either of these great lip balms. Most of our lip balm products are available to purchase in multiple flavors. Information regarding quantity requirements are located on each product page.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer

Available with your choice of cap colors, HS-7000TW, our .33 Oz. Hand Sanitizer Pocket Spray starts at 72¢ per piece. The clip cap makes it easy to keep with you in a shirt pocket for a convenient way to keep hands free from germs and bacteria.

Another popular and extremely portable item is HS-7001TW, a .67 Oz. Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray. Available in 10 Colors, this sprayer easily fits into a wallet or pocket so you can take it with you everywhere.

Custom Drinkware

We have a great selection of Custom Drinkware to fit any event or promotion. 820DB – our Best Coolie with a 1 Color Screen Print (Printed in the USA) is a very affordable option. This koozie holds standard drink cans, comes in a large selection of colors, and starts at only 48¢ per piece.

For evening events that serve adult beverages, 289DG – our 11 Oz. Executive Old Fashion Glass is a great option. Pricing starts at $3.14 per piece and comes with a one, two, three, or four-color imprint.

We have something for every promotion, including Sports Bottles, Stainless Steel Drinkware, Bottled Water, and more at affordable prices at the Custom Drinkware Store.

Promotional Pens

An extremely affordable, practical, and usable giveaway is a Promotional Pen. Preston B (539PE) – our top-selling pen – is a click pen with a pocket clip that starts at only 21¢. Coming in a close second place is the Belfast Budget Stick Pen. Pricing starts at 18¢ per piece. With a white barrel and black ink, you have a choice of 13 cap colors to match or complement your logo or theme.

For outdoor events, opt for a pair of custom sunglasses from The Custom Sunglass Store or a bottle of Custom Sunscreen.

And of course, if your bag is large enough, we have umbrellas. At the Custom Umbrella Store, we have a great selection of promotional umbrellas, ranging from just under $5.00 to around $25.00.

You don’t have to use all of these items of course. Pick a few that you feel people will use the most, put them in a custom bag with your logo, and people will remember your event and brand long after it is over!

Best Promotional Products for Tradeshows

Whether you are a large or small business, creating a presence at a tradeshow can be a cumbersome task. With so many companies promoting their brand, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of booths and displays. In addition to creating an interesting and eye-catching area to draw the attention of tradeshow attendees, you need a way for people to remember your brand after the event is over.

People will spend all day traveling from booth to booth, checking out each vendor to see if what they have to offer may benefit them or their business. After seeing dozens of companies and their offerings, it can be hard at the end of the day to remember which company offered what services. Obviously, you need to have creative and interesting marketing materials on hand for visitors to take with them so they can review your services later. But is that enough?

In addition to printed marketing materials, another way to keep our company on the mind of prospective clients is by giving away promotional items featuring your brand’s logo, so they are reminded of your company each time they use it. Below is a list of some of the most effective promotional products for tradeshows.


Lip Balm

Custom lip balm tops our list for several reasons. Lip balm is inexpensive and easy to buy in bulk. You have numerous types to choose from, and a large variety of flavors that can be mixed. Light and portable, it’s easy to carry 1000’s of lip balm into a tradeshow facility ensuring that you have something for everyone who stops by your table. With out Flavor mix option, you can order several different flavors and let people choose the one they like best – meaning there is a good chance they will use it more frequently giving you a lot of repeat exposure.

Hand Sanitizer

Talk about a necessity for tradeshows! With all the hand-shaking and people touching your displays, marketing tables, and everything else around you, hand sanitizer is a must-have for any large gathering. Try placing a couple of large 16 oz. pump bottles on your table so you and anyone else visiting your area can freshen their hands as needed. Additionally, you can get up a display of travel-sized hand sanitizers so guests can take one as the leave to freshen up with throughout the day.


You must have pens! Pens with your logo on it are just a no-brainer. They are cheap and affordable to buy in bulk, and easy to carry and setup anywhere you are. Promotional pens are great for tradeshows. People will use them throughout the day and see your logo every time. Will they lose them? Undoubtedly! But that’s ok! Because when they drop one, someone else will pick it up and see our name and logo – and it might even entice them to come visit your display!


There are so many ways to go with drinkware! You have many options and can do so much with it depending on how much you have it your budget. Here are a few top sellers for your consideration:

  • KooziesInexpensive and easy to store, Koozies are a great way to advertise your brand, and since they are versatile between bottles and cans, everyone is sure to want one to take home to use with their favorite drink. Talk about repeat exposure!
  • Sports Water Bottles: Sports bottles are a popular promotional item and work for any brand. You could even hand them out with a few other items like lip balm and a pen placed in side for a great little giveaway package!
  • Stainless Steel Drinkware: A customer favorite, stainless steel cups and tumblers make great promotional items for any event. And recipients will see your logo each time they use it, giving you a lot of bang for your buck!
  • Bottled Water: Imagine seeing your logo (instead of a famous water company) on water bottles being used all through the event.

Tote Bags

For the ultimate giveaway, consider a custom tote bag loaded with promotional goodies to hand out to potential clients! You don’t have to give one to everyone who approaches your booth, but instead make them special giveaways to those who really take their time to inquire about your services or products, seem genuinely interested, and are likely to give you a call once the event is over.

Custom Novelty Lip Balms for a Fun and Unique Promotion

Custom lip balm is always an effective and economical way to promote any brand. They are customer favorites, easy to transport, and provide you with a way to keep your name in front of the customer for an extended period giving your brand the exposure it needs. They work great for in-person promotions, as well as mailers, tradeshows, and events.


If you want to spice up your current promotions, try adding a Novelty Lip Balm to the mix! Custom novelty lip balms help get your name out while giving the recipient a unique gift, which will help them to remember your name more effectively.

These fun little lip balms also make wonderful additions to gift bags for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, and more! Add the name of the event and the date, and you’ve given your guests a fun reminder of your event.

Lip Moisturizer Balls

Our custom Lip Moisturizer Ball is a popular item. The round shape makes it easier to find in a bag or drawer, and it comes in several fun colors. Vanilla flavored and safety sealed for protection, the great little promotional tool features your logo on a one-color imprint and comes in your choice of Black, Blue, Fuchsia, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Red, or White.

Looking for something a bit jazzier? Check out our Metallic Lip Moisturizer Ball which comes in Metallic Blue, Copper, Gold, or Silver, or our Metallic Rainbow Lip Moisturizer Ball.


Fun Shaped Novelty Lip Balm

If you are looking for something a bit more special, try one of our shaped lip balms! We have lip balm containers that are ideal for themed promotions and events. Our vanilla-flavored Metallic Star Lip Moisturizer would be a wonderful choice for a celebrity or astronomy-themed party. Our Metallic Heart Lip Moisturizer is perfect for weddings, baby showers, engagement parties, and of course, Valentine’s Day. They would also be a cute choice for a cardiologist’s office! Vanilla flavored, It even features a mirror on the lid.

Even More Choices

If these don’t suit your tastes, we have several other custom novelty lip balms that are great for any brand to use as a promotional tool. We have a Mini Lip Balm that measures only 1.5” in height and would even fit in a pocket and comes in your choice of Cherry, Vanilla, and Natural/Unflavored. Our Beeswax Lip Balm Mirror Compact features a shiny lip gloss in a Black, Blue, Green, Pink, or White container with a mirror in the lid. Our Metallic Lip Balm with Keychain is great for everyday use and easily attaches to a keychain so it is always on hand.

We also carry several Round Shaped lip balms, a Metallic Stick, and more! Check out all of our Novelty Lip Balms at the Custom Lip Balm Store.