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Why Your Summer Promotion Isn’t Complete without Custom Lip Balm

April 7th, 2018 By CustomLipBalmStore


Are you preparing for an upcoming promotion this summer? Some people are looking at marketing options at job fairs or expo events. Other people are preparing for a marketing campaign that will bring current customers back into the store again.

Regardless of the type of promotion that you are preparing for, you need to look at options to maximize your investment in the campaign. Be selective about the way you spend your marketing budget, to ensure that you get optimal benefits from the efforts.

Promotional Products are Essential

When you are talking to a potential connection at an event, a small business card or pamphlet won’t be enough to make your company memorable. You need to look for ways to stand out from the competition. So, you should consider the option to offer promotional products to the people that you meet.

For example, when you are recruiting at a job fair, you can hand out custom lip balm with your company information on the label. This small promotional item won’t get mixed in with all of the other resumes and paperwork the person receives at the fair. When they see the chapstick at home, they will remember the conversation they had with your company.

Designing a Personalized Chapstick Label

The key to the effectiveness of custom lip balm is to design a label that promotes your business. The label should include your contact information, as well as the colors and logos that make your company memorable.

For example, many people choose to add the company name, tagline, website, email address, and phone number. This basic information makes it easy for the person to contact your company if they want to connect again in the future.

As you learn about promotional products, you will see that these small items are affordable. Plus, you can choose options that are useful to the person, increasing the chances that they will hold onto the item for a long time.

For help with your personalized chapstick, you need to contact our team at Custom Lip Balm Store. We offer custom lip balm and other personalized promotional items. Contact us when you are ready to get started with your label design.


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