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Considering the positive health benefits of promotional sunscreen

Marketing promotional sunscreen could be easier if one follows established regulations. Beachgoers are perhaps used to hearing about the negative effects of not wearing protective creams in the summer sun, and it might seem repetitive to try and use this line of reasoning to appeal to potential consumers with custom sunscreen products.

However, there's an opposite approach one can take that may prove more effective, which is to instead focus on the positive things promotional sunscreen can provide to a consumer, and the benefits they'll receive by using it. One way this might be accomplished could be through honesty in the labels on the products themselves.

A story by the Los Angeles Times recently discussed the new labeling regulations that seek to add more transparency when it comes to these kinds of creams. Such rules require labels to be specific and identify what kind of protection they provide. For example, if a certain cream is chosen to successfully prevent skin damage and reduce aging, they will reportedly be known as a “broad spectrum” product and will have a label that reflects this.

With regulations dictating exactly what kind of sunscreen products can make what kind of claims in their advertising, it can be a huge advantage to promoters to be able to present promotional sunscreen they can fully stand behind. It can also help to make a particular type of personalized sunscreen stand out, as the company offering it is identified as more attentive and concerned. These are good qualities to put forward during a promotion, and the particulars of sunscreen can offer the opportunity to capitalize on these things in a way others might overlook.   


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