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Making promotional lip balm containers easily accessible

As with a lot of basic items of human care, people like to keep lip balm in a place they can easily reach. Most tubes of the stuff are small, and while this makes them very easy to carry and transport, it also lends them a certain vulnerability to getting lost. Especially if stored in a bag or large backpack, these items face the possibility of being hidden, dropped, or otherwise misplaced. Fortunately, there are simple means for marketers to sidestep this problem, and most of them can be designed to come with shipments of promotional lip balm when ordered.

If the customer for whom the personalized lip balm is intended is an active sort, they might appreciate a clip or carabineer to use to attach their balm to a backpack or article of clothing. Some lip balm doesn't come with a clip itself but instead an opening at the tip of the tube, ideal for a lanyard. This is perfect for the sort of person who enjoys sporting activities, or will be pursuing some sort of activity during the course of a business function. Certain clips are also designed so that the tube does not even have to be removed from the string it hangs on to be properly used. This is also another situation where creative bundling or packaging of the lip balm with other items might keep it from getting lost. 

Marketing groups that make their custom lip balm more accessible can build up the chances that it will be actually used. The goal is, as always, to make the customer think of something they like or derive some sort of purpose from whenever they see the company logo or specific message on a particular promotional product, and it's those little considerations that can make sure these trains of thought arise. 


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