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Outdoor trade shows need custom sunscreen bottles

 Many industries hope to drive interest in their respective businesses by hosting trade shows in warmer cities. Individual companies can use this time to share their latest products and ideas during these occasions, making it crucial to build connections early on in the day to avoid information overload. Personalized sunscreen is a way to meet a demand under the hot sun while sharing your business' logo or new idea.

Lighten up the pressure by sharing custom sunscreen bottles. People at the trade show will look forward to saving themselves from a potential sunburn and will appreciate the small bottle. Each time a person reapplies the sunscreen on their face, arm and neck, they will recognize your organization's name.

Merchants have the option of choosing promotional merchandise like sunscreen in a travel-friendly bottle or pen. There are benefits going with either item, so choose the one that works best for the organization. What makes sunscreen versatile and helpful is that it can be used year-round, but many assume that it is only necessary during the summer months.

"Wear sunscreen winter and summer, rain or shine," Robin Billick, chief of dermatology at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal told the Montreal Gazette. "You may think you're only going to be outside for five or 10 minutes and don't need your sunscreen, but it's the accumulation of sun over time that does the damage."

For the next outdoor trade show, attendees will benefit from the usage of promotional sunscreen bottles. Take the time to greet potential business partners and collaborators while your staff gives away these items. 


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