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Provide tested and true solutions with promotional sunscreen

 Promotional sunscreen products that users understand and trust can make for better giveaways.If your company is looking to make its name more widely recognized, it can help this process by creating personalized sunscreen that contributes to a person's typical routine—and there's no better time for it than this summer, either. But aside from the benefits of these kinds of products, companies can also provide the idea of a stable solution to sunburns, a distressingly common customer concern.

This can be a crucial point, since other solutions out there may be claiming to be more beneficial than the simple, easy-to-understand protection of promotional sunscreen. For example, CBS Chicago recently examined so-called "sunscreen pills" for comparison against their more common sunblock cousins.

Examining multiple different medications that claim to offer skin protection, the report featured comments from a Dr. Kenneth Bielinski, who expressed some skepticism over whether this product would be viable as a form of care on its own.

"The real thing I would caution them on is this is not a substitute for sunscreen," said Dr. Kenneth Bielinski, who tried this product out to little effect. 

Another thing to keep in mind that the article pointed out is the safety of your product. Though supplements and other medicines like this may go unregulated and unapproved, chances are the custom sunscreen your business is using to promote itself will come with more official approval and therefore be more likely to put your customers' minds at ease.

In the end, all customers want a product that contributes meaningfully to their lives, and represents a type of function they know won't let them down. Put promotional sunscreen at the forefront of your promotional campaign to make the most of this desire.


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