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Personalized Chapstick

Personalized chapstick tubes make particularly effective promotional items since they are compact enough for a pocket or a small purse. At CustomLipBalmStore.Com, we sell a wide variety of customized chapstick products that we then imprint with your company's logo, phone number or slogan.

Using Personalized Chapstick From CustomLipBalmStore.Com As A Promo Item

A custom lip moisturizer is an ideal way to place your company's logo in front of your customers. Think about it--during dry or windy spells, your customers will likely use a customized chapstick several times per day. Market research shows that a company's name or logo only needs to be seen three or four times before the customer remembers it. By using our personalized chapstick products, your contacts will become regular customers in no time.

At CustomLipBalmStore.Com, we make it even easier for your customers to make that connection by sourcing our custom lip moisturizer from FDA-inspected facilities right here in the US. Your customers will appreciate the high quality of our lip balms and associate that quality with your company. They'll also like the portability of products like our mini lip balms and clip-on applicators.

These customized products are easy to order as well. Once you've picked the personalized chapstick products that fit your customers' needs, just send us a computer file with your company's logo and message and we'll get started. Our average production time is between 7 and 10 business days, so you'll have these promo items shipped to your door as quickly as possible. To get your order in 3 days or less, try our Fast Ship service.


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